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The workshop

In our fully automated ski workshop, our experienced ski-men repair and maintain your skis in top sliding condition!

Exclusively in Europe: the unique machine Saphir II Wax Pro from Montana will repair your skis in the best condition. Come and see in our store: the preparation of your skis while you watch!!

The first stage in ski maintenance is base resoling. Our technicians use P-Tex, heating it and spreading it over the bases of skis and snowboards to fill in all the holes.

Grinding is the operation consisting of grinding the surface of your skis and snowboards, in order to remove any surplus resoling material and restore base flatness.

Edges are sharpened with a ceramic stone, allowing extreme precision to optimise edging and curve maintenance. This technique preserves your edges by putting less wear on them than traditional techniques.

Waxing is the main stage in maintaining the base of your skis or snowboards. It consists of applying wax to the base to nourish and protect it, as well as optimising its sliding qualities.
In recent years, waxing has become a key factor in the preparation of professional competition equipment (skis, snowboards and cross-country skis).

The main waxing stages are as follows:

  • cleaning the base (removal of old wax),
  • application of the wax,
  • scraping,
  • polishing and finishing.

We carry out regular checks on bindings before and after hire of your equipment. We also offer to check your own bindings.

We pay great attention to tuning your skis and snowboards, to adapt your equipment as closely as possible to your own skiing style.